Beat The Heat: Staying Cool With Your Baby Or Toddler

The heat of the summer is upon us. We already had several hot days this year and it is not even officially summer yet.

Last year, Livi was still small enough for us to spent most of our time at home with a daily walk or two at the mall when a heat wave came rolling in. This year, she is an active toddler – always busy, walking, talking – who wants to be entertained. So what do you do when it is too hot to go outside for a walk or to visit the playground?

If you have an air conditioner, you are in luck as you can do quite a lot inside for a few days. From playing games to reading books to doing arts and crafts, little hands and minds can be easily kept busy. But even with an AC, you cannot spent the whole day at home. And if you are “lucky” like me and your house turns into a sauna in the afternoon, you are desperate to get out and cool down somewhere.

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