The High Need Baby: Hyper Hyper

Livi is always on the move. In almost all of her pictures, there is at least one arm or a leg that is blurry. Often we don’t even manage to take the picture we aimed for because she has already moved on. Hyperactive* is a pretty fitting description for her.

Since she was born, Livi has been busy. Arms and legs flailing as a newborn, twisting, turning, and arching while breastfeeding, her hands and head always moving around. Now that she is older, she rarely sits in one spot for too long and even if she does, she can never sit quietly. She still wants to be held a lot but many times you can barely hold on to her.

Her mind is just as busy. She gets bored fast. Keeping her entertained can be a daunting task. While I have seen friends’ kids listening wide eyed to a story, looking at the pictures in the book with amazement, Livi is all over the place. It usually takes two of us to read a story to her: one to read and one to keep an eye on her.

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