Bad Habits

HandsWhen you are a new parent, people will tell you not to start any bad habits with your child. Do not nurse or rock or walk her to sleep. Do not hold him too much. Do not pick her up every time she cries. And on and on and on.

But when you have a high need baby and it is midnight and your child has been crying since six in the evening, you are ready to do whatever it takes to get your child to sleep.

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The Diaper Changing Blues

Lately, Livi has been throwing tantrums whenever we try to change her diaper.

Up until she was 7 or 8 months old, many diaper changes would involve tears. However, back then she would cry pretty much every time we did not hold her, so it was nothing unusual.

But that had changed when she got older and ever since, diaper changing was one of the few things we could do in peace.

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Why ‘High Needs’?

When our little girl was born, she only cried for a few seconds, until the nurse put her in my arms. It was the greatest feeling in the world to be able to calm her just by being there.

For the first two days she was a quiet baby, sleeping most of the time. We were high fiving each other for having such a peaceful child while all the other parents struggled with their crying newborns.

Then we went home and our baby went from being peaceful to crying almost every minute she was awake. We tried literally everything but nothing seemed to work.

Well meaning friends and relatives would tell us that things would get easier after 6 weeks…After 2 months had passed, they would say, it will be over by 3 months…After 5 months we were wondering whether things would ever get better and they would tell us that 6 months was the magical turning point.

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