Our First Overnight Trip As A Family

We finally found the time to go on our first trip as a family. While there were a few hiccups and plenty of meltdowns, it was an encouraging and overall successful experience. And most importantly, it was so nice to get out and “travel” again.

You see, my husband and I used to travel all the time. Most of our weekends, we were out and about. We both get antsy spending too much time at home. We love the outdoors, hiking, visiting new cities, exploring, and sightseeing.

The first year after Livi was born, was tough in so many ways and one thing that made it even more difficult was that we couldn’t go farther than our neighborhood park, and some days we did not even make it that far.

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Carsickness Strikes Unexpectedly

Last weekend, the weather was unbearably hot and so we decided to drive to the coast for the afternoon. We had a great time. Livi even slept in the car for a little while and was in a good mood when she woke up.

The way back was, as usual, not so pleasant. Livi hates getting back into her car seat and so she sung her usual song of intolerable parent cruelty. I usually sit in the front, but if she gets too loud, I do sit in the back with her trying to keep her occupied.

This time, however, things were a little different. We decided to take a different route, which winds through the mountains. I get car sick, but since I was sitting up front and since toddlers aren’t supposed to get carsick (according to hearsay soon to be disproved), we didn’t think twice about it.

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Hostility At The Airport: Traveling As A Family

Any kind of travel with Livi is a challenge. Aside from a few attempts to visit places other than our neighborhood park or the mall, almost all of which resulted in endless crying fits, we have not even considered traveling anywhere; much less thought about going on a plane with her.

It is hard enough to go anywhere with her in the car, a mode of transportation that provides the flexibility of stopping any time, changing plans, and even turning around altogether.

The thought of spending time at an airport and being stuck on a plane with no possibility of escape makes me nauseous and nervous.

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