10 Things I Love About My High Need Baby (Part 2)

Between the tears and cries and pure exhaustion there are precious moments hidden in every day. It is those moments that keep me going and keep me (somewhat) sane.

Here is the second part of 10 things I love about my high need baby:

6. Precious Baby Talk
All babies start out communicating by crying. As a high need baby, Livi made good use of it. She let us hear loud and clear when something was not right.

When Livi started babbling, it marked a big change for all of us. To hear her sweet voice instead of her screams, even if it was just once in a while, was so nice.

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10 Things I Love About My High Need Baby (Part 1)

I have been talking a lot about the difficult times with my high need baby. But there are also so many wonderful moments I get to enjoy. Sometimes, they are far and few between and I really have to enjoy them while they last. Other times, I am blessed with several good days in a row.

Here are 10 things I really love about my high need baby:

1. Giggles And Laughter
As a high need baby, Livi is notoriously fussy and well, needy. And it is true that she cries pretty often. But thankfully, that does not mean that she never laughs.

Livi’s laugh is the cutest I have ever heard and her giggles are really giggly. So much so that they often end in excited high pitched shrieks. You cannot help but laugh with her.

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