Tips For Making Doctor Visits Easier

I don’t think there’s a single child that likes going to the doctor. But some deal with it better than others. Livi doesn’t handle it so well.

In her defense, she had to endure quite a few doctor visits during her first year due to her reflux. Because of her high need nature, she is also much more sensitive and easily overwhelmed in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations.

We never had a visit without tears. They start rolling even when no shots are scheduled. And it has gotten worse every time.

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Those Strong Feelings

Why is it that children behave better when others are around and don’t throw as many fits when the “other parent” comes home from work?

One thing that gets to me is that sometimes Livi behaves better for her dad than me. We might have had a rough day, but as soon as my husband comes home, she is like a new child. I usually let him know how things are going by sending emails and pictures and I tell him when we are having a rough day. So when he gets home and she is all smiles and hugs, he just looks at me like I imagine things. And boy, does he ever gloat when I tell him that she changed the minute he walked through the door.

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Testing The Limits

Lately Livi has been showing us a whole new side of her. Whenever something goes against her will or frustrates her, she throws herself to the floor or lets out a dramatic screech. It usually only lasts a few moments and she is fine again, so I just let her get it out of her system.

But I cannot help but wonder whether this is just another phase that will pass sooner or later or something I need to handle now before it gets out of hand?

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The High Need Baby: Hyper Hyper

Livi is always on the move. In almost all of her pictures, there is at least one arm or a leg that is blurry. Often we don’t even manage to take the picture we aimed for because she has already moved on. Hyperactive* is a pretty fitting description for her.

Since she was born, Livi has been busy. Arms and legs flailing as a newborn, twisting, turning, and arching while breastfeeding, her hands and head always moving around. Now that she is older, she rarely sits in one spot for too long and even if she does, she can never sit quietly. She still wants to be held a lot but many times you can barely hold on to her.

Her mind is just as busy. She gets bored fast. Keeping her entertained can be a daunting task. While I have seen friends’ kids listening wide eyed to a story, looking at the pictures in the book with amazement, Livi is all over the place. It usually takes two of us to read a story to her: one to read and one to keep an eye on her.

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The Diaper Changing Blues

Lately, Livi has been throwing tantrums whenever we try to change her diaper.

Up until she was 7 or 8 months old, many diaper changes would involve tears. However, back then she would cry pretty much every time we did not hold her, so it was nothing unusual.

But that had changed when she got older and ever since, diaper changing was one of the few things we could do in peace.

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The High Need Baby: Unbelievably Intense

To say that our little girl can be intense is quite an understatement. In fact, she is intense about everything she does. When she laughs, she really laughs. When she cries, she really, really cries. And when she wants something, there is no mistake about it, you will know. Not surprisingly, intensity is one of the first features Dr. Sears lists for high need babies.

When Livi was born, we learned right away that it was best to respond to her cries quickly, otherwise she would go into a complete meltdown.

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