The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Most of my posts highlight the challenges I encounter(ed) while raising a high need baby and now toddler. It may seem that all I do is complain about my life or that I am ungrateful for my little girl. But both could not be further from the truth.

There are several reasons why I choose to emphasize the difficult parts on my blog:

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The High Need Baby: Always Hungry?

When I was pregnant, I was told to breastfeed on demand, whenever the baby would let me know that she was hungry. That made sense to me and I did not think that it would be a big deal. Back then, I imagined a peacefully sleeping baby, who wanted to nurse every few hours and then sleep again. Boy, was I ever wrong.

For the first few weeks after Livi was born, I felt like I was feeding her around the clock; she just wanted to nurse All. The. Time.

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The High Need Baby: One Word – Draining

Never before in my life have I been this exhausted and tired. When Livi was born, she took all the energy I had and then cried for more. She never seemed satisfied or content. Some days, I truly thought I could not go on any longer – yet somehow I did.

In the beginning, it was a constant mix of nursing and holding her, walking and rocking, singing and shushing, and finally tiptoeing through the house, only to start all over again a few minutes later.

Which is how many new parents would describe their new lives. The difference for us was that Livi would cry and fuss, unless we held her. And that this was going to last longer than six weeks or three months or even six months…

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