Testing The Limits

Lately Livi has been showing us a whole new side of her. Whenever something goes against her will or frustrates her, she throws herself to the floor or lets out a dramatic screech. It usually only lasts a few moments and she is fine again, so I just let her get it out of her system.

But I cannot help but wonder whether this is just another phase that will pass sooner or later or something I need to handle now before it gets out of hand?

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The Perfect Storm

Every time Livi gets her shots, she switches gears to a higher level of fussiness and becomes even more clingy than usual. It lasts for about a week or two and then she goes back to her “normal” self.

When she is teething, she is also needier, which I am sure all babies are. This teething business is no joke.

Enter last Friday, when we had an appointment for Livi’s 12 months checkup, which also included a series of shots. She had started teething earlier in the week and I was about to reschedule her appointment as she seemed especially fussy this time around.

My husband, however, convinced me otherwise. His logic was to get it all over with and move on. Since it would have taken forever to get another appointment, I reluctantly agreed.

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Change Is Good, Right?

My little girl is growing up. Fast. Too fast if you ask me. Ever since she turned one, things keep changing, constantly.

First the changes were small and kind of sneaked up on me. Then they got bigger and took me even more by surprise. Standing instead of sitting, walking instead of crawling. She got faster understanding new toys and games. She got better feeding herself from one day to the next.

All welcome changes, great achievements, and proud moments for both of us.

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One Year Ago Today

I remember it very clearly, although at the time my brain was hazy and it all seemed very confusing.

It was March 11, 2011 and I had given birth to Livi just a few days ago.

Our days and nights were filled with diaper changes, constant nursing, lots of crying, and 10 minute naps. We were overwhelmed and exhausted.

I spent most of my time propped up in bed or sitting in the rocking chair, nursing our baby who seemed to be hungry around the clock. We were desperate for sleep, food, and some way to get our lives back on track.

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The Diaper Changing Blues

Lately, Livi has been throwing tantrums whenever we try to change her diaper.

Up until she was 7 or 8 months old, many diaper changes would involve tears. However, back then she would cry pretty much every time we did not hold her, so it was nothing unusual.

But that had changed when she got older and ever since, diaper changing was one of the few things we could do in peace.

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