A Newly Discovered Love For Books

“There is no substitute for books in the life of a child.”

~ Mary Ellen Chase

Livi is in love … with her books. It has been an ongoing love affair.

Her first “toy” was a cloth book. She loved to touch it, amazed at the sounds it made, and she enjoyed the brightly colored pictures.

Then she discovered board books. Unfortunately, she loved them a little too much and they would always end up in her mouth.

But soon she found out that board books were fantastic stacking material. It was one of the first “games” she played on her own: moving books from one stack to another and back again. But she never had the patience to just sit and look at a book or to have us read a story to her.

Lately, however, this too has changed. Ever since she started talking more, she has also shown more interest in looking at books and listening to stories. Now she cannot get enough. If it were up to her, she would spend the whole day with her books.

She loves going to the bookstore. Most of our visits include story time where she gets to pick a few books and we read them to her. We also usually end up buying a new book, if not for her sake than for our own. Given the amount of time we spend with her books, it is nice to have a big selection to choose from.

I am thrilled, of course, that she shows a real interest in books. I loved reading as a child and during the summer months, I would read as many books as I possibly could. I still love reading just as much if not more, though I can hardly find the time anymore.

Books are such a great way to awaken a child’s imagination and I find that she picks up a lot of new words along the way. So I could not be happier with her “newly discovered” love for books.

Of course the challenge now is to find books that are worthwhile and fun at the same time. Luckily, I know of a few good sources:

  • Oster’s Mom at discoveranddevour posts great book reviews and we have already found a number of great books thanks to her.

At what age did your child show a real interest in books? Do you also have a big selection of children’s books at home or do you keep it to a minimum? What do you do with the books your child has outgrown? Do you have any recommendations for good books or another great source?

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17 comments on “A Newly Discovered Love For Books

  1. Those Young Moms says:

    Taylor started really liking books around 1, she is currently obsessed with Brown Bear and Goodnight Gorilla! πŸ™‚

  2. We have alot of books and I have yet to part with any of them LOL! My kids are 4 years and older. However, I thinks its about time I part with some. Good luck~!

    • hnMom says:

      I find it really hard to sort out books even if I know that someone else will get to enjoy them. I just love having lots of books around me.

  3. 4eyedblonde says:

    I started reading to my son before every nap and every night when he was about seven months old. It took a while but soon he really got into it. By the time he was probably a year and a half I would often find him in his room quietly sliding through the pages. Now that he’s got a bike to ride and roller skates to fall over, he doesn’t read as much but I can still use books as bargaining power. My daughter couldn’t care less about books – yet. The only one that’s been able to hold her attention was a book with baby faces. Hopefully that will change.
    My son’s favorite book for a looooong time was called Buzzle Billy, it was a book about sharing. It’s interesting what they find to be their favorites.

    • hnMom says:

      I find it great that you can use books as bargaining power.
      We started reading to Livi soon after she was born, partly because we had to keep her entertained somehow. There were times off and on when she didn’t care and rather stacked the books or protested loudly because she got bored. But now it really is all she wants to do all day long. I guess there are worse things. πŸ™‚

  4. Oster's Mom says:

    Yay for Livi loving books! Thanks so much for your support in discover and devour…it’s putting some pressure on me to find some more books πŸ™‚ I just picked up The Story of Abraham Lincoln board book from the library and I thought it was going to be great…it wasn’t. It was actually terrible. I’ll have to look for another book for this week’s post.

    • hnMom says:

      I know, I’m so excited Livi is more interested in books now.
      My pleasure, you have a great blog and I always like the books you discover for us.
      Sorry to hear that the book you picked didn’t work out. Could have been really interesting. But I look forward to see what you choose instead. πŸ™‚

  5. Deni Lyn says:

    Whoa. . .the two black pages on Goodnight Gorilla? I thought my kid was the only one who flips them back and forth back and forth tirelessly? That’s interesting.

    We started reading to Mac the day he came home from the hospital. We love to read. Once he started crawling and was able to play with other toys, he seemed less interested in the actual story – more interested in flipping pages.

    In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed he listens better. He can now make noises and say words at appropriate points of the story and he seems to love that.

    I can’t wait to check out the other blog posts you suggested with the reading lists. Thanks!

    • hnMom says:

      It’s too funny that the kids love those black pages so much. I guess the author/illustrator knew what she was doing.
      And yes, the blog and the list of books are definitely worth checking out. There is something for everyone.

  6. My 22 month old son loves any books by Dr. Seuss! Also, he enjoys it when I read the Harry Potter series to him… Strange I know, but I think it’s because of all the whimsical-sounding words.

    β€œThe more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

    • hnMom says:

      Oh yes, Dr. Seuss’ books are great. And I love that quote. How great that he likes Harry Potter, that would be such a nice change from all the picture books we look at all day long. πŸ™‚

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