Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award

This post is long overdue. A huge thank you to Oster’s Mom from discover and devour for giving me “Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award.” Given the name of the award, I simply had to find out more about it.

Apparently, it has to do with a woman of the same name, known for being very elegant and having high expectations, who is committed to maintaining integrity, good manners and behavior, as well as a rich sense of humor. So there you have it.

The rules for this award are that you must answer the following ten questions and nominate ten blogs that you think deserve the award.

1. Describe yourself in seven words.

Tired, patient, compassionate, loyal, determined, (a bit of an) introvert and worrier.

2. What keeps you up at night?

Technically, nothing because I am just too tired. Literally, Livi, who wakes up twice at night. Figuratively, worry about what an impact my daily decisions have on Livi’s life and her development.

3. Whom would you like to be?

Honestly, I couldn’t name just one person I would like to be. But there are many whom I admire greatly.

4. What are you wearing now?

A T-shirt and jeans.

5. What scares you?

The news, the state of our environment, the quality of our food and our air.

6. What are the best and worst things about blogging?

The best: the interaction with other bloggers and readers

The worst: not having enough time to actually write and interact

7. What was the last website you looked at?


8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I wish I was less of a worrier and more of an optimist.

9. Slankets, yes or no?

Umm, no.

10. Tell us something about the person who nominated you.

Where to begin? Oster’s Mom is one of the bloggers I met right away when I started my own blog. And ever since she has been immensely supportive in her comments and suggestions. I follow her blog regularly because I truly enjoy her posts. Her book reviews will give you great ideas, she shares solutions for typical baby and (now) toddler issues, and fun anecdotes about her life with her young son. You should definitely take a look if you haven’t done so already.

Passing on to:
As always, I passed on this award to bloggers I admire and blogs I enjoy reading. If you do not care for this kind of award, please don’t feel obligated to accept it and post about it. But know that I appreciate and enjoy your posts.

Diapers and Stilettos

The Diary of a Reluctant Mother

sleeping should be easy

4 Eyed Blonde

iGame Mom

The Cherbie Life

6 comments on “Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award

  1. Oster's Mom says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I was just thinking about you the other day when I looked at a couple of my first posts and you commented on them. We have been together since we both started. What a great blogging friendship we developed. So glad to have found each other.

  2. Based on your responses, I think I could be you! Except I’m wearing a tank top and jeans, not t-shirt and jeans lol. Thanks for the recognition, hnMom. It’s stuff like that that makes blogging all the more worthwhile 🙂

    • hnMom says:

      Wow, that’s pretty cool. But I am not surprised as I can tell from your posts and comments that we often have similar opinions.
      Awards are a nice way to show appreciation and you certainly deserve it. 🙂

  3. 4eyedblonde says:

    Thank you so much! I am so glad to have found your blog – it’s connections like this that make blogging so addictive!

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