Testing The Limits

Lately Livi has been showing us a whole new side of her. Whenever something goes against her will or frustrates her, she throws herself to the floor or lets out a dramatic screech. It usually only lasts a few moments and she is fine again, so I just let her get it out of her system.

But I cannot help but wonder whether this is just another phase that will pass sooner or later or something I need to handle now before it gets out of hand?

I also think that she has been trying to test how far she can push us. Before, she used to throw some of her toys out of the play pen or she would drop some of her food. But then she would stop.

Now, she just keeps doing it. The other night, she started to take off her bib during dinner and when we asked her not to do it again, she took it off again and dropped it on the floor all while looking straight at us.

I am not sure what the right course of action is. Do I ignore it hoping that she tires herself out, do I play her game and give it back to her over and over again, or do I let her know that this is not okay?

What did you do with your kids? I could really use some ideas!

Flickr Photo by Mish Bradley

2 comments on “Testing The Limits

  1. Oster's Mom says:

    Right now, I redirect Oster. When he has his bouts of throwing himself backward, I catch him and place him gently on the ground on his back (HE HATES LYING ON HIS BACK). He immediately stops his tantrum and finds a way to get back up (HE HATES ROLLING OVER TOO). When he gets up he forgets why he was so angry and goes back to playing or reading.

    When he gets into something he’s not supposed to be in and I take him away, he gets so frustrated. I redirect him again, usually with a book or having him try to walk or playing with a ball. I haven’t gotten the table manners dilemma yet, but I’m sure he’s on his way.

    • hnMom says:

      Great ideas, thank you.
      I’ll keep your tips in mind, redirecting seems to be a good approach.
      Livi usually throws herself on her tummy and she is fast, so I don’t think I could catch her. But she also gets up again real fast by herself. Once she decides to just stay on the floor, I should probably find some way to redirect her.
      Before I had Livi, I didn’t even know this kind of behavior would start so early. Ha, I guess, I was wrong.

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