10 Things I Love About My High Need Baby (Part 2)

Between the tears and cries and pure exhaustion there are precious moments hidden in every day. It is those moments that keep me going and keep me (somewhat) sane.

Here is the second part of 10 things I love about my high need baby:

6. Precious Baby Talk
All babies start out communicating by crying. As a high need baby, Livi made good use of it. She let us hear loud and clear when something was not right.

When Livi started babbling, it marked a big change for all of us. To hear her sweet voice instead of her screams, even if it was just once in a while, was so nice.

For some time now, she has been repeating words we say and recently started using some in context and conversation. She has proven quite a quick study and is picking up new words really fast. Some she can say quite well, for others she uses her own version of the word. But everything she says is music to my ears.

7. So Curious
Now that she is better able to communicate with us and has started pointing at things, her curiosity knows no bounds. She wants to know everything about anything.

When we are outside, she loves to point at things and expects a good story from us. She listens intently and when she notices a familiar word, she perks up and repeats it. We can literally see her little brain soaking it all up.

8. Music And Dance
One way to keep Livi occupied for a while and get some of that seemingly endless energy out of her, is to put on some music and dance.

She has always loved music and we started dancing with her as soon as she was born.

But now that she can stand up on her own and walk, she has surprised us with her own moves. It is so much fun to watch her rock out to her favorite Barney songs.

9. Endless Enthusiasm
The “intensity” that is such a big part of a high need baby is proving to come in handy now that she is learning new skills. If she really wants to figure it out, she keeps going until she does.

Take walking, for example. Livi was not an early crawler or walker, but when she was ready, she moved so fast through all the stages that I almost could not keep up. Once she was standing up, it did not take her very long to start walking with our help and before I knew it, she was walking on her own.

10. Pure Trust And Love
It is really heartbreaking when you feel like you cannot soothe your baby or satisfy her needs. That is how we felt for the longest time after Livi was born.

So it is all the more touching and beautiful when she shows us her love now. Between the hugs and baby kisses and her seemingly endless trust in us, we finally get to experience those gratifying moments all parents hope for.

The moments where a little hand reaches out for yours and big eyes say, all I need right now is you. The moments where you feel needed and loved in a way you never knew before. The moments I now live for.

Part 1

Flickr Photo by rweait-osm

2 comments on “10 Things I Love About My High Need Baby (Part 2)

  1. Oster's Mom says:

    Beautifully written!

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