Change Is Good, Right?

My little girl is growing up. Fast. Too fast if you ask me. Ever since she turned one, things keep changing, constantly.

First the changes were small and kind of sneaked up on me. Then they got bigger and took me even more by surprise. Standing instead of sitting, walking instead of crawling. She got faster understanding new toys and games. She got better feeding herself from one day to the next.

All welcome changes, great achievements, and proud moments for both of us.

Then, last week, she decided to become more expressive when things were going against her will. She has always been very determined and demanding in a way typical for high need babies. But this time, it was different.

She is now saying “Ne,” her word for “No,” when she doesn’t want to do something. And she is waving us off when she is done eating.

She also seems to interact more with us, seems more involved in our conversations and our day to day life. She is constantly trying to repeat words we are saying and she’s getting pretty good at it, too.

Change is good, right? She needs to learn more, understand more, become a big girl, grow up. I don’t want to stop that, I just don’t want it to happen quite as fast and all at once. I want to take it all in and enjoy the moment, rather than being run over by it.

For so long, things were progressing at a nice, slow pace. It felt right and comfortable every time she hit a milestone. Now, I feel like I am trying to catch up with her every day, every minute.

I am afraid to turn around and find her heading off to school.

When did you first notice that your baby was growing up? How did you deal with it? Did it also seem as if everything was changing at once?

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14 comments on “Change Is Good, Right?

  1. Sleeping Mom says:

    I notice that my toddler changes when I see how much he’s grown physically! He keeps growing and growing I can’t even believe he was small once. Developmentally, I notice his growth more often with his speech. He’ll say words I didn’t even know he knew, or piece together some crazy grammar that I always thought were too grown up for him. Then oops I realize that my little kiddo IS growing up lol!

    • hnMom says:

      How fun! I bet it is amazing once they talk and learn new words every day. And I know what you mean about not being able to believe that they were once so small. It’s only been a year and I can’t believe it either. They grow and change so much in so little time.

  2. merelymothers says:

    We, too, keep noticing physical changes: more/longer hair, thinner legs, steadier posture. Our 18-month-old is really starting to look like a toddler. And the other day, I caught her playing with a little stuffed dog and having him bark, like she was pretending he was a live dog! I thought it was the cutest thing, seeing how her imagination is developing. All these changes really do happen too fast though! You don’t necessarily see it on a day-to-day basis, but all of a sudden something will strike me as different, and it does make me a little sad.


    • hnMom says:

      That sounds exciting and is something I look forward to. I can’t wait to see her use her own imagination.
      I am so proud about every milestone, but sometimes it is a little sad.

  3. Deni Lyn says:

    It absolutely astounds me how quickly my little guy is growing and changing. I knew it was going to go quickly and I’ve been happy and proud for every development. . .And yes, a little sad too.

    • hnMom says:

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. It is bittersweet in a way, isn’t it. It’s so amazing to watch them grow up but at the same time I miss what we had before.

      • Deni Lyn says:

        It is bittersweet! We had this little bassinet-type rocker for Mac when he was little. We loved that thing, he loved that thing. We kept it in our kitchen and he could watch us and it was approved for infant sleep so if he dozed off it was fine. Long about 4 months, he started to be able to wriggle out of it. I sent it to my sister to hold on to because she wants children very soon. I think both my Husband and I were near tears as we parted with it! Silly I know but it was sort of symbolic that he was no longer an infant. This is how you get sucked into having more isn’t it?! ha!

      • hnMom says:

        Oh, I can relate. It was hard for me to sort out her newborn clothes or when we switched from the infant car seat to the convertible one.
        But I always stashed it away thinking I would keep it for the next one. That made it a bit easier. I guess, you’re right, that is how we get sucked into having more. Were it not for Livi’s needs, I would be ready now.

      • Deni Lyn says:

        It completely helped me too just to pass it all along to my sister! My Husband is completely ready for more. I’m not quite there yet but we aren’t spring chickens (nearly 36 and 38)! He’s going to win this one isn’t he? And for your family? I was definitely a high needs baby but apparently pretty docile by age 3. My mother had two other’s that were not high needs. In fact she says she had quite a run of good luck until she found herself with three teenage daughters! ha.

      • hnMom says:

        Wow, three teenage daughters, that’s scary, lol.
        We aren’t spring chickens either so I don’t think we can wait until Livi is three years old. But right now is definitely too early for her since she still needs all of my attention and my husband isn’t ready for another one yet either. We’ll see.

      • Deni Lyn says:

        Let’s enjoy everything we are blessed to have at this moment and see how things go. 🙂 We had a “deal” for every one we had, we would adopt one. What we are finding is that the adoption process is cumbersome and costly and sometimes a little discriminatory in terms of older parents. It’s crazy but even with my age and being high risk, it’s actually less expensive for us to have another naturally. I’m torn by that too. I really always wanted to adopt. All I know is, I used to think kids kinda’ sucked and now I just want to suck up as much kid time as I can! ha! No matter what, I feel very fortunate to have a healthy child, as I’m sure you do too. And Livi is clearly very lucky. You seem very patient and frankly awesome.

      • hnMom says:

        You are absolutely right, let’s enjoy all we’ve got. I’m very grateful for my little girl.
        I love your adoption plan, what a beautiful idea. It’s sad that it is so hard to make it a reality. Especially for the child(ren). You guys obviously are great parents.
        And thank you for your sweet comments. Ditto! 🙂

  4. the speech monster says:

    4 months in and even though the last month has been absolutely crazy with our little one, i still think he’s growing up too fast!! i look back at photos of him when he was just born or at one month and am nostalgic. already.

    • hnMom says:

      Absolutely, I have felt the same way all along. When things aren’t going so well, some days (and nights) can seem never-ending. But it also feels like time is flying.
      When I look at the first pictures we took when Livi was born, I can hardly believe that she was ever that little. That first year goes by so fast and they grow and grow up so quickly.

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