The Diaper Changing Blues

Lately, Livi has been throwing tantrums whenever we try to change her diaper.

Up until she was 7 or 8 months old, many diaper changes would involve tears. However, back then she would cry pretty much every time we did not hold her, so it was nothing unusual.

But that had changed when she got older and ever since, diaper changing was one of the few things we could do in peace.

Until a few weeks ago, when she suddenly decided that she does not like getting her diaper changed anymore. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t want to be on the changing pad for any reason whatsoever.

She screams her little head off and wiggles and fights until she flips over. And even if I manage to get her undressed and take her diaper off, she keeps on wiggling and twisting. Frankly, I can handle it if she has a wet diaper. But it is a completely different story if her diaper is dirty and any movement by her will result in the scattering of said diaper’s contents. Oy.

I have tried to keep her occupied with small toys or her little hair brush, and sometimes that works just fine. Other times, I simply cannot manage to calm her down. A few times, I even had to call in reinforcements to avoid a major scattering incident. It’s amazing how strong and determined such a small person can be.

Come to think of it, she also has been more determined in her ongoing battles against the car seat and the highchair. I’ll let you know who’s winning.

What is happening? Is this just another phase? How long will it last? And how did you deal with it?

Flickr Photo by brooklyn skinny

6 comments on “The Diaper Changing Blues

  1. merelymothers says:

    We have the SAME problem at 17 months old 😦

    Sometimes I’ll recite the lines of her favorite book to keep her occupied, or let her play with bottles of lotion and other non-toy items around the changing table, or ask her to identify the parts of her face and body, offering excessive praise for correct answers. But sometimes, nothing works and we’re just looking at a complete outfit change!

    • hnmom says:

      Those are great ideas, thank you. Sorry to hear that you are dealing with the same problem. But as long as they are healthy, it is a small problem to have. 🙂

  2. Oster's Mom says:

    I also have done what merelymothers does…recite part of a book or sing a song. My 10 month old started to cry when we changed him about a month ago. He still does it. Lately, I’ve been using those small balls with little beads inside them and shake it for him. He then takes it from me to shake himself while I quickly finish “the business”. He likes it and talks to himself while he does it. Not sure how long these will work but I’m milking it for as long as I can.

    • hnmom says:

      This seems to be more common than I thought. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I’m definitely going to try the small balls with beads. That sounds like something she might enjoy.

  3. 4eyedblonde says:

    I just wrote a blog entry about the same thing – I feel like I wrangling a calf when I’m changing my daughter’s diaper! She wiggles and arches and twists with the muscle strength of a full grown man! I give her toys to play with that occupies her for a little bit but all in all I gotta act fast – but I’m never fast enough. She’s a strong little thing!

    • hnmom says:

      Yes, I can’t believe how strong these little guys are. If they don’t play along, you don’t really have a chance. I have to rotate through a collection of toys now. What worked yesterday or in the morning, suddenly is not a hit anymore. Not sure what I will do once I run out of toys that keep her occupied.

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